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It was last year’s hottest topic, and this year it is sure to be at the top of the list. It dominates conversations, and it sure does dominate my inbox. Artificial intelligence.

Agenda 2024

By nearly unanimous consent artificial intelligence reached an inflection point for pharma marketers in 2023. The question of how best to take advantage of this new tool to support brands and help patients, though, remains to be seen.

Excitement is mounting across the industry going into 2024 about data and digital innovations’ potential for improving engagement among consumers, patients, and caregivers. That excitement is evident in conversations with eight industry leaders who are embracing digital to advance personalization, support health equity, and reach patients on new channels.

In 2024, the industry must acknowledge the interconnected impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), growing AI and technology usage, and evolving smart data, as these factors create a ripple effect. How market access responds to these effects will impact sales and marketing. Effectively addressing these impacts lies at the heart of industry reform.

Pharma commercial leaders are understandably energized by the prospect of leveraging emerging technology (e.g., advanced AI tools) to amplify the velocity and impact of their promotional efforts. While this potential lies ahead, commercial leaders must first address the age-old organizational challenges that continue to stand in the way of a fully coordinated and customer-centric promotional infrastructure.

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We at Med Ad News don’t claim to know all the questions. So we challenged our contributors to come up with their own questions and answer them.


Even as they are gathering proof of extensive benefits to patients, the manufacturers of GLP-1s will have to overcome supply chain difficulties and high prices to get payers to fund these medicines for treating obesity.

Ellen Cappellino, Klick Health

Med Ad News chats with Ellen Cappellino, executive director of value, access & reimbursement strategy at Klick Health about the obesity drug market and payer attitudes towards the GLP-1s.

drug development, trials

Merger and acquisition activity is on the rise after the biopharma industry moved on from the COVID-19 pandemic, while the role of AI in drug development is reaching new levels.

Jane Reed, IQVIA

MedAdNews talked to Jane Reed, director of life sciences with Linguamatics, an IQVIA company, about how pharma companies are using new AI-based technologies to advance their safety processes and other topics.