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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

22nd Annual Report 2013

Top 100 Biotechnology Companies

Biotech industry growth is bolstered by increased R&D spending, an upswing of approved first-in-class medicines, elevated Wall Street valuations, and continued forging of pipeline alliances with Big Pharma.

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Failure to connect 2013

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue With billions of dollars of sales lost to nonadherence, the pharma industry has launched its own efforts to help boost adherence; but listen to what these patients say about why pharma is still missing the mark. The figure is staggering: medication nonadherence costs the pharma […]

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Drug spend drops; specialty spend to rise two-thirds 2013

Click to download the PDF to view the full issue Total spending on U.S. medicines fell 3.5 percent on a real per capita basis in 2012 and the use of healthcare services overall declined for the second consecutive year, according to research by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Meanwhile, U.S. spending on specialty prescription […]

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