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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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End-of-life care

How to determine the right strategy for mature brands By Tim Arendt, Fahti Khosrow-Shahi, and Seb Morisot Tim Arendt is VP, Fahti Khosrow-Shahi is managing director, and Seb Morisot is engagement manager, Campbell Alliance. Based on current trends, soon 90 percent of products dispensed will be for a generic. As a result, companies are more […]

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Why go CSO, and why now?

Practical options for emerging specialty pharma By Gerry Melillo, president of commercial services at PDI. The life sciences industry has undeniably entered a new environment for product launches. Not only are the products changing, but those inventing and commercializing the products are transitioning as well. According to a recent research study published by McKinsey, product […]

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Patient Communities Special Feature: Patient influence continues to rise

The growth of communities such as Inspire and PatientsLikeMe, coupled with FDA’s recent guidance on social media in pharma, point to how patients will increasingly merit pharma’s attention. When the patient community network Inspire was founded eight years ago, co-founder and CEO Brian Loew said he got a cool reception from the pharmaceutical companies he […]

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DTC Special Feature: Direct to human

The impact of Viagra’s most recent DTC campaign has brand managers talking about the “humanity” of their communications.   It is sometimes easy to forget that the audience at the other end of pharmaceutical brands’ direct to consumer communications consists of ordinary humans. For all the new technologies and channels at hand today, brand managers […]

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Six Disruptions Healthcare Marketing Agencies Need to Know

by Jeff Greene, New Solutions Factory  (@Jeff_Greene) When you get to work with lots of different agencies, as I do, you bear witness to larger patterns unfolding in the industry. These patterns can be hard for agency teams to grasp day-to-day, when they’re in the thick of client calls and Photoshop tweaks and all the […]

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