Brands have been trying to match their messaging with patient levels of health literacy for as long as they’ve been creating messaging for patients.

Med Ad News spoke with Mike Czuba and Sharlene Jenner of AbelsonTaylor about their agency’s approach to getting the right message to the right patient in the rare disease space.

Target, bulls-eye

Without question, there has been significant progress in pinpointing treatments and accelerating rare disease diagnosis, largely due to the precision of data-driven commercial strategies and the speed of digital clinical trials.

road, path, street

By integrating technology into medical diagnosis and treatment, medtech companies are paving the way for a healthier future for all – but they have some barriers to overcome first. Many of these startups are operating with lean resources, and the high cost of commercializing new products can be debilitating.

Andi Weiss, Evoke MicroMass

Monday, February 13, 2023, was a typical day for me as a healthcare marketer and busy mom of two, aside from having my yearly 3D mammogram. Fast forward a few days to Thursday the 16th, at 3:56 PM, which kicked off a scary period in my life. The “C word.”

Marketing Automation

Traditional pharmaceutical sales and marketing approaches will be inefficient when trying to reach such a small population. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness of commercial efforts, commercial leaders must take a creative approach to their targeting strategy.

Dan Zaksas, Fishawack Health

When you hear the phrase “gene therapy,” what comes to mind? A revolutionary cure for an exotic disease? A risky experimental approach that messes with nature? Something in between?

HBA, Woman of the Year 2023

“It is about breaking through the glass ceiling. It is about leading with heart, grace, and integrity,” said Beth Seidenberg, M.D., founding managing director of Westlake Village BioPartners, and the 2022 HBA Woman of the Year. “It is about taking individual responsibility championing other women and driving change.”

Jon Bigelow, Thayer Pond Solutions

While media attention has focused on the availability of abortions, take note: contradictory court decisions about mifepristone broadly threaten the authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve and regulate new medications for any indication.