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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Top 50 Companies: Notes & Methodology

For this annual special report, which is in its 30th year of publication, Med Ad News editors rank and profile the world’s top 50 companies that generate revenue from healthcare products.

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2016 Annual Report: Top 50 Companies – Pipelines & Pricing

The amount of new drug approvals in 2015 was the FDA’s highest total since 1950 due in part to revamped pipelines, but a tough future looms as the grumblings over pricing have risen to a roar.

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AbbVie: Welcome Back

Just a few years after its spin-off from Abbott, Med Ad News Company of the Year AbbVie is very much back in the big pharma conversation.

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Amgen: Transforming For The Future

Amgen has focused the company’s business and operating model through significant transformation and process improvement efforts to produce innovative medicines while generating satisfactory investor returns.

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AstraZeneca: Expecting A Rich Harvest

AstraZeneca continues to rely on its growth platforms to bring the company back on track, weathering patent expirations as it cultivates the pipeline with many promising products.

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Bayer: Focus On Life Science

Bayer revamped its business model by spinning off its MaterialsScience sector into an independent company in 2015 and acquired Monsanto during 2016.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb: The Next Generation

The leaders of Bristol-Myers Squibb are hoping that Opdivo and Eliquis will each generate multi-billion sales growth for years to come.

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Gilead: The Best (Two) Years Of Our Lives

Sovaldi and Harvoni have transformed Gilead – but what’s next now that both have likely passed their peak?

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GlaxoSmithKline: Return To Growth

GlaxoSmithKline continues to accelerate new product sales momentum and bolster the company’s pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare businesses.

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Johnson & Johnson: Managing For The Long Term

To meet performance objectives, J&J developed a set of near-term priorities for each business segment that will allow the company to achieve long-term growth.

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