Five years after the company’s portfolio bottomed out, Bristol-Myers Squibb markets three of the world’s six best-selling pharma brands.

Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline headline the second annual edition of the Outcomes Creativity Index (OCI), a ranking of pharmaceutical companies and prescription brands according to creativity and innovation. The OCI is an aggregate score-based creative achievement encompassing results from eight leading U.S. and international healthcare awards shows that are tabulated to rank the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and top 10 prescription brands. 

Sander Flaum, Principal of Flaum Navigators, believes that it’s absolutely essential that healthcare access is improved in the United States, but he has no confidence that anyone in Washington has the courage or clout to enact the substantial changes that need to be made.

2019 was a good year for the pharma industry, even as questions on value kept coming; but 2020 brought a pandemic that raised an “all hands on deck” attitude as well as business challenges.

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s 2020 Annual Conference will be held virtually on November 17-19.


While the world’s leading prescription drug still generated more than half of AbbVie’s revenue in 2019, the acquisition of Allergan showed that company leaders are looking to what is next.

The pioneering spirit of Amgen – a hallmark for four decades – gives management confidence that the company can play an increasingly significant role in the global healthcare ecosystem.

AstraZeneca has been advancing its scientific research, particularly in the area of oncology, in a bid to raise a whole new crop of blockbusters, but the quest for a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 has made the company shift into a high-speed tangent.

Close to settling the lawsuits filed against the company over Roundup, Bayer looks to the future and concentrates on the pharmaceutical pipeline.

The company’s financial success of 2019 was quickly followed by measures to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.