Pfizer continues to make headlines with its COVID-19 initiatives, but the company prides itself in all of its scientific achievements and the financial muscle to back them up.

2021 marks the third edition of the Outcomes Creativity Index (OCI), a ranking of pharmaceutical companies and prescription brands according to creativity and innovation.

The pharmaceutical industry drew together in 2020 to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the battle continues, pharma companies have even more going on.

COVID-19 was and continues to be a nightmare. Not so much for healthcare insurers and payers, though.

Join the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association during November 2021 in the movement for gender equality.


The acquisition of Allergan has diversified AbbVie’s portfolio and reduced the company’s dependence on Humira.


To keep the company’s pipeline full of promising new treatments over the long term, Amgen continues to invest in building a set of differentiated early research capabilities.


AstraZeneca produced one of the global vaccines to treat COVID-19, but the company’s growth in the future will still rely on the oncology and respiratory areas.

While sales declined slightly in 2020 because of the pandemic and net income was seriously affected by litigation costs over Roundup, the company is recovering in 2021, relying on what management says are good fundamentals for long-term growth.

Boehringer Ingelheim enjoyed a profitable 2020, and the company has been bolstering R&D activities with acqusitions and partnerships.