Coefficient Health

Based in New York City, Coefficient Health states it is a full-service agency team designed to be more like the commercial and medical leaders with whom they  partner.


Agency leaders at ConcentricLife put it this way: “None of us are as great as all of us.” The agency has lived this mantra throughout the course of its 21-year history, as it assembles teams composed of the right people, with the right expertise, to build the right solutions for clients, “in service of transforming the healthcare experience.”


With solid leadership from the agency’s full-time team and a global talent network of 9,200-plus members across 128+ countries, CrowdPharm was in the industry spotlight throughout 2023. So much so that Spectrum Science offered to acquire CrowdPharm and its sister company, Hot Iron Health, and CrowdPharm accepted the offer.

CultHealth 2024

Last year proved to be like no other, as it was the inaugural year of the agency’s merger with Indegene. Plus, amid the industry buzz over all-things-AI, CultHealth was excited to unveil Creative Intelligence, a relevant, proprietary offering that defines what they do as an agency.

DDB Health

For DDB Health, 2023 was an incredible year of growth. Executives say it began with the coming together of two like-minded agencies, DDBH + CDMP, to become one powerhouse organization filled with passionate people. 


In the ever-changing environment of healthcare marketing, where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are constantly evolving, Deerfield stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Entree Health

Entrée Health isn’t your typical market access agency,. They are a unique collection of nerds, creatives, and operations and client relationship gurus all focused on one big idea: people deserve access to the health care they need.

Faruk Capan, EVERSANA

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, EVERSANA INTOUCH has been a fearless leader in healthcare and pharmaceutical advertising ever since its inception in 1999

FCB Health New York

Throughout 2023, the agency continued to flex its strengths to constantly and consistently deliver with excellence for the smallest clients or the largest brands in the world.

Fingerpaint Marketing

What does it mean to be Fingerpaint? It’s a passion for growth – for the teams, their partners, and the communities around them. It’s about having the heart to put people first, staying kind, and working with joy to build their collective strength. It’s about thriving in challenge, leading the way forward, and working without limits.