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Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Launches the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, the health behavior change specialists of Ogilvy & Mather and a WPP company, has launched the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud platform. The first of its kind, data-driven offering is anticipated to help marketers better understand, reach and engage with physicians on an individual level while sharing news of its newly formed partnership with Medikly, which is a leading provider of physician engagement solutions.

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Eli Lilly Projects 20 New Product Launches in 10 Years

Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company is on a roll, announcing that between 2014 and 2023, it may launch 20 new products.

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Novartis launches new Entresto trials to boost sales

Novartis’s heart failure drug Entresto will be subjected to a battery of new trials as the Swiss drugmaker seeks to boost the medicine after a disappointing introduction.

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Startup Homology Medicines Launches With $43 Million Series A

Startup Homology Medicines Launches With $43 Million Series A, To Be Led By Three Former Shire Execs   May 2, 2016By Mark Terry, Breaking News Staff   Lexington, Mass.-based Homology Medicines launched today with a $43.5 million Series A preferred stock financing. The round was co-led by 5AM Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners. They […]

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ZEMBRACE SymTouch now commercially available in the U.S.

Hyderabad, India and Princeton, NJ, USA. April 19, 2016 — Promius Pharma LLC, a subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, announced today that ZEMBRACE SymTouch is now commercially available in the U.S. ZEMBRACE SymTouch is a prefilled, low-dose, ready-to-use, 2-step autoinjector containing 3 mg of sumatriptan, a selective 5-HT1B/ID receptor agonist. Because ZEMBRACE SymTouch is a […]

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Cambridge Biotech AVROBIO Launches with Former MassBio Chair as CEO

February 19, 2016By Mark Terry, Breaking News Staff   Cambridge, Mass.-based venture capital firm Atlas Venture launched another Cambridge biotech startup yesterday, AvroBio. No financial details were disclosed. The company is founded on two novel cell and gene therapies that came out of the laboratories of Christopher Paige and Jeffrey Medin at the University […]

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FDA approves Neos Therapeutics’ long-acting ADHD drug

Neos Therapeutics Inc’s drug to treat a common type of childhood behavioral disorder was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, making it the first of its kind to win U.S. approval. The drug, Adzenys XR-ODT, is approved for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in patients aged six and older. The […]

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Unum Sets Up New HQ in Cambridge and Plans to Double Headcount in 2016

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Celebrating its one-year anniversary since launching Unum Therapeutics, a company developing cellular immunotherapies for cancer treatment, took up new office space in one of the hottest real estate areas for pharma and biotech companies. The company opened a new 33,000 square-foot headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. and is expecting the new space will […]

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Biotech 2016: Now Starts the Hangover

January 27, 2016By Karl Thiel for   Not that you need to be reminded of this, but… For the stock market, this has been the worst kickoff ever to a new year. And for biotech, it has been much, much worse. The Nasdaq Biotech Index plummeted over 17 percent in the first eight trading […]

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BTG gets triple dose of good news on new products

Specialist medicine company BTG received a triple dose of good news on Monday as U.S. regulators approved two new treatments and a clinical trial of a novel lung device produced positive results. U.S. green lights for Vistogard and Lumi, for chemotherapy overdoses and tumors, and the success of PneumRx coils in severe emphysema may help […]

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