A U.S. federal judge in Texas denied attempts by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to conceal data on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

An alleged plan by Johnson & Johnson to spin off a company solely responsible for J&J’s talc-based products in order to mitigate lawsuit damages is still on the table following a ruling by a federal judge.

A federal judge ruled that a decade’s worth of unpublished clinical trial data from drug companies, universities and other agencies involved must be made public.

Schultz Chan, the former director of biostatistics at Cambridge-based Akebia Therapeutics, and Songjiang Wang, a director of statistical programming at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, were convicted of insider trading by a federal grand jury in Boston.

A federal jury in Colorado awarded $383.5 million to the families of three patients who said they suffered cardiac arrests and died soon after receiving dialysis treatments at clinics run by DaVita Inc.

A federal jury found AbbVie not liable in a lawsuit by an Arizona man who claimed he suffered a pulmonary embolism due to using the company’s testosterone replacement medication AndroGel.