As part of Fingerpaint’s continued commitment to bring forward the best opportunities to their clients, the full-service health and wellness marketing agency acquired 1798, a market access and commercialization firm located in La Jolla, Calif.

EVERSANA’s Jeffrey LaVaute discusses how patient centricity is a foundational principle that informs the healthcare decisions that we make.

Market pressures have continued to threaten pharmaceutical brand revenue while increasing costs. The convergence of these two forces has challenged pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve margin with new and ever-evolving strategies. Only a combination of sophisticated managed markets expertise and real-world analysis can empower brands to maximize profitability in today’s challenging climate.

The white paper explores trends and market forces affecting organized provider groups (OPGs) and identifies opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to partner with OPGs to develop mutually beneficial programs addressing areas of shared interest.

To reach payer audiences, companies have to focus far less on promotional tactics and show the value of their products.