Med Ad News had a chat with Bill McEllen, partner at Fingerpaint, who has been named lead of all advertising offices for the agency.

Thinking like a consumer marketer allows you to discover patients’ mindsets, how they operate daily, and how they move through their lives. This approach can bring a higher level of empathy and authenticity that attracts patients rather than having to chase them. Following these suggestions can help create a patient-centric media strategy that will appeal to your target audience, so they can make better decisions to improve their care and quality of life.

As pharmaceutical marketing benefits from soaring advances in data availability and data analyses techniques, brand marketers are called upon to select data and analytics partners. Linda von Rosenvinge, Cross-Disciplined Strategist for Greater Than One (GTO), recommends strategy centers on two towering criteria for these decisions: imagination and agility.

As voice assistants and voice search have entered the mainstream, marketers need think about how and where their brands live within the voice landscape. From voice skills and actions to voice search and advertising, marketers have a few options to increase prominence in voice.

Pharmaceutical companies are no strangers to digital technology, either in the science that creates their products or in the business of bringing them to the people who prescribe them. As the use of digital-first experiences intensifies and the pharmaceutical industry is forced to evolve, companies will need to lean on their data and technologies in their engagement efforts to deliver elevated human experiences.

Concentric Health Experience has created the first podcast in a regular series known as “No Citations” that is is focused on the shifting healthcare marketing space.

According to a study released by Infogroup, a provider of data and data-driven intelligence solutions, four in five consumers say they are more concerned about privacy than they used to be – a tendency marketers ought to keep in mind.

A look at how the California Consumer Privacy Act put into effect in 2020 will impact the pharmaceutical industry.

Outcome Health launched “In These Rooms” – a bespoke campaign to transform the strategy of the industry from “point of care” to “moments of care.”

Marketing technology company DeepIntent aunched MarketMatch for Advertisers, the first end-to-end programmatic advertising solution for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands.