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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Matt Eastwood joins McCann Health as global chief creative officer

Matt Eastwood was named Global Chief Creative Officer of McCann Health, a leading worldwide professional and consumer healthcare communications network.

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Top 10 Blogs For Healthcare Marketers In 2018

2018 was filled with a number of significant developments for healthcare marketers. The rising demand to respect individual privacy rights dominated conversations surrounding digital marketing, as did the increasing importance of using data-driven email marketing tools to increase physician engagement and retention.

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Seven Trends That Shaped 2018

Barring a last-minute reversal, 2018 will likely end as a down year for the biotech industry, at least in terms of stock performance.

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HCB Hires Healthcare Digital Veteran Colin Foster

HCB Health hired veteran healthcare digital expert Colin Foster as chief digital officer to lead the healthcare communications agency’s flourishing digital practice.

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Understanding the Humanity in Physician Prescribing Behavior

Understanding the behaviors of our customers is central to the effectiveness of any ad campaign, and pharma is no different.

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Survey: Doctors Say Clarity Trumps All When It Comes to Advertising

When it comes to advertising, 76 percent of primary care physicians (PCPs) prefer companies use simple language according to a survey conducted by GSW – a Syneos Health company and industry leader in healthcare advertising – in partnership with The Harris Poll.

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Ad-ventures in Marketing XI

For the 11th year, Med Ad News selected new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 1: Growing voice for mobile

Pharma continues to lag behind the consumer space in the use of mobile marketing technologies, but the steady advance of consumer tech giants Google and Amazon into the healthcare space means that the industry will have to adapt the tools of AI, voice and chatbots into their marketing, just as their consumer brethren already have.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 2: Getting pharma into new mobile tech

Intouch Solutions’ Sean Hartigan and Heartbeat’s David Sakadelis say their pharma clients are skittish about the use of chatbots and AI, with an understanding of these technologies more influenced by the grim future of Skynet in the “Terminator” movie franchise rather than the reality of where AI is right now.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature Part 3: Still a case for apps

In the initial excitement over the possibilities of mobile marketing, pharma rushed to create its own apps. And then these apps languished.

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