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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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DTC Special Feature: Which color is it?

A recent study of DTC advertising appearing in the Journal of General Internal Medicine concluded that few broadcast ads are compliant with FDA’s guidelines. The reality, though, might not be so cut and dried.

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Has Trump been good for medical marketing?

While many of us from blue states and urban bubbles fret over some of the actions of President Donald Trump, it’s good to take a clear-eyed view of whether or not Trump and this administration has been good for the medical marketing industries. Moreover, it’s useful to consider how a “blue wave” in the midterm elections might change the dynamic.

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Outlook good: A peek into the healthcare agency crystal ball

Let’s have a peek in the crystal ball 10 years into the future. What will agencies look like then? What will the marketplace look like?

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The Bloc taps Ane Jones to lead new oncology and rare disease franchise

Health creative agency The Bloc added industry leader Ane Jones to its management team.

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Decoding GDPR for pharma marketers

As our world has evolved to become more digital, many of the companies behind some of your favorite websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and others capture and store highly sensitive information about your online behavior.

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Modern Marketing: Reaching analog humans in a digital world

The irony of marketing in 2018 is that while our opportunities to engage with customers continuously expand through a myriad of new, increasingly digital, channels, human brains remain stubbornly analog.

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FCB Health and GMHC Stitch a Narrative of Unity With “Blood Flags” During LGBTQ Pride Month

FCB Health continues its ongoing commitment to “Blood Equality” – a pro bono advocacy and awareness campaign in partnership with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis – through the launch of “Blood Flags.”

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W2O Appoints Keri P. Mattox Global Lead, Integrated Corporate Communications

W2O, a network of innovative analytics-driven, digital-first marketing and communications firms, announced that Keri P. Mattox was named Global Lead, Integrated Corporate Communications for W2O pure, to strategically expand the firm’s C-suite crisis communications and investor relations offering.

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CrowdPharm Increases Global Network

CrowdPharm, the premier healthcare marketing solution, announced the addition of talent from Algeria and Bali to its network.

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LevLane Named Agency of Record for Personalized Wellness Leader Genomind

LevLane has been named an agency of record for the launch of a new wellness testing product from Genomind.

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