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Eyeforpharma 2018 Doubles Down on Digital

In 2018, digital healthcare is not only a key topic, it’s being talked about and promoted as a lynchpin for effective communication, engagement and outcomes.

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Beacon Names New Multi-Channel Marketing Director

Beacon Healthcare Communications named Amy Whitcomb as Director of Multi-Channel Marketing in response to growing client needs for integrated multi-channel marketing solutions to drive brand campaign performance.

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Evoke Group Acquires AboveNation Media

Huntsworth plc announced the acquisition of New York-based AboveNation Media LLC, adding to its collection of leading health, wellness and lifestyle marketing companies under Evoke Group.

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Ashfield launches new commercial model to improve ROI

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare, a global leader in providing outsourced healthcare services, announced the launch of a pioneering new commercial model called The Ashfield Solution.

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Agenda 2018 Special Feature: The song remains the same

The names of the tools may be changing, but the goal for brand managers remains the same in 2018: getting as close as possible to real patients and their needs.

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Agenda 2018: Choose your own adventure

Med Ad News asked its sources what are some of the key industry trends for 2018.

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Agenda 2018: The AMAZON-IFICATION of health is here

It’s not a new trend. For years, there has been massive speculation on the many ways Amazon could be getting into healthcare. But if you look past the hype, beyond Amazon’s theoretical intentions, and focus more closely on today’s consumer, there is a colossal healthcare trend underway even without Amazon getting in on the game. One can learn a lot from the trend of Amazon’s influence on the business of doing business. So let’s take a closer look …

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Agenda 2018: PwC Health Research Institute’s top health industry issues of 2018

According to the consultants at PwC, the top health industry issues of 2018 will be …

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Medical Advertising Hall of Fame 2018

Robert Leverte Jr. was honored by the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame as its 2018 inductee on February 8 at a black-tie event at The Pierre Hotel in New York City. Leverte’s prolific career has included founding ERS – an in-house ad agency at ER Squibb – co-founding Ruvane-Leverte advertising, serving as chairman at Bozell Jacobs Medical Group, and operating as CEO of the Leverte Companies.

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Medical marketing escapes ad tax, for now

Although the passage of the 2017 tax bill was a victory for pharma and medical marketers, major challenges are ahead for those of us inside the Beltway for the foreseeable future.

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