Outcome Health, a healthcare innovation company focused on making the point of care experience more meaningful for patients and physicians, announced a new content strategy across its nationwide platform.

Mesmerize Marketing, an established leader in patient education at the point of care (POC) since 2006, announced that it acquired Elite Sampling & Media Group’s national network of doctors’ office wallboards.

Taking advantage of the moment – whether it’s a seasonal opportunity, such as allergies or the flu, or a moment of awareness, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Moment – challenges marketers to consider the marketing mix and the best ways to reach target audiences with brand messaging. Increasingly, with a spend approaching 10 percent of the $5 billion DTC market, pharmaceutical marketers are including POC as a key marketing strategy because they know that it works.

Over 150 industry members joined together at the 2016 PoC3 Summit – a unique annual gathering focused on how the changing climate of healthcare is precipitating a fundamental shift in health-related communications. Hosted by the Point of Care Communication Council, the event was attended by pharmaceutical marketers, agency executives, media and tech companies, and research firms.

On the heels of the 2016 PoC3 Summit, the Point of Care Communication Council asked a summarizing question of “The Experts.”

A roundtable of experts discuss what is the single most imperative thing marketers understand about the unique measurability and data-driven targeting that is possible within point of care.

Dave Sheehan has joined ContextMedia:Health as chief marketing officer.

Med Ad News asked agency leaders what clients are asking for today that they were not asking for a year ago – and what they might be asking for a year from now that they are not asking for today.

Med Ad News held the 2016 Manny Awards in April, which featured a new category – Best POC (Point of Care) Campaign. Christine Franklin, executive director, The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), had the opportunity to talk with JUICE Pharma Marketing’s Justin Rubin, senior VP, group creative director, and Robert Palmer, executive VP, managing director, and understand more about the work they are doing.

The point of care health information services company ContextMedia:Health has announced the launch of its New Patient Start (NPS) Program, a new model that aims to change the way point-of-care programs are purchased and evaluated by pharmaceutical companies. ContextMedia:Health’s New Patient Start Program, company executives say, offers the ability for its brand partners to purchase marketing outcomes at no risk, and at a favorable ROI.