McCann Health New Jersey is launching a new campaign for Evofem Biosciences Inc.’s revolutionary hormone-free birth control product, Phexxi. Starring Emmy® Award winning actress Annie Murphy, the cheeky and flirty campaign “House Rules” was led by an all-female creative, strategy and account team.

As the U.S. moves from managing COVID-19 to managing a recovery, it is clear that the pandemic lockdowns had a profound impact on how people consume media, how they receive healthcare information, and their expectations changed around how brands connect with them. For marketers, building brand value with customers will be tantamount to marketing success in this brave new world. 

An industry expert discusses different strategies for pharmaceutical companies to maximize their marketing campaign performance.

The planning season is here, and marketers are tasked to create a media mix that will deliver the greatest business impact for brands. However, before pen is put to paper and the usual channel suspects are selected, let’s imagine a scenario where TV and digital don’t constitute the largest portions of the pie.

TV is no longer just about broad reach and panels. Learn about the evolving opportunity marketers have to achieve person-level advertising through Addressable TV and OTT.