Med Ad News talked to Wendbush Securities analysts David Nierengarten, Laura Chico, and Liana Moussatos about various new drug approvals and other recent news updates in the industry. 

Carmine Therapeutics Inc., an emerging leader in gene therapy, appointed Don Haut, Ph.D. as CEO and member of the board of directors.

Agencies and networks featured in Med Ad News’ 2021 Healthcare Communications Agencies Edition have kept client work going smoothly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and when it came to sustaining their own cultures, managed to rise to that challenge in unique ways. From Zoom coffees and cocktails, to ice cream deliveries, to art exhibits, to showing off the activities and things that kept them sane during lockdown, many healthcare ad agencies strove to extend their culture to everyone’s work-from-home situation.

At the corner of South Adams and Magnolia Avenue, in Fort Worth, Texas there is an advertising agency that knows the value of people, according to management. “From the patients who fill prescriptions and the surgeons who perform procedures to the people who sit behind the desks in our office (we affectionately call them squirrels) and those who make up the community we’re part of, we have always put people at the center of what we do.” 

As the world awaits the production and distribution of hundreds of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization, biopharmaceutical companies and manufacturers are developing the next wave of vaccines and therapeutics to combat the pandemic.

Med Ad News talked to Bill Dreitlein – Senior Director, Pipeline & Drug Surveillance at OptumRx – about some of the most promising new molecular entities in the industry pipeline and challenges the FDA has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Todd Wills, Managing Director, Consulting Services at CAS, talked to Med Ad News about what COVID-19 has taught us about pharmaceutical R&D; insights and predictions on future drug approval trends; and other topics.

The promise of personalized medicine, with its potential for treatments tailored to individual patients’ genomic footprints to generate better outcomes, has long tantalized the life sciences industry. Now, advanced imaging analytics and the extraction of high dimensional data from medical images, called radiomics, is emerging as the other side of the personalization coin.

Kevin Jacob, Head of Imaging at Illingworth Research Group (a SYNEOS HEALTH company), touches upon the myriad potential applications of medical photography and explore key considerations for use of these highly technical imaging techniques in clinical trials. 

ExplORer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried discusses the evolving need for AI and AR technology in the healthcare industry as a whole and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the medical device industry.