The promise of personalized medicine, with its potential for treatments tailored to individual patients’ genomic footprints to generate better outcomes, has long tantalized the life sciences industry. Now, advanced imaging analytics and the extraction of high dimensional data from medical images, called radiomics, is emerging as the other side of the personalization coin.

Kevin Jacob, Head of Imaging at Illingworth Research Group (a SYNEOS HEALTH company), touches upon the myriad potential applications of medical photography and explore key considerations for use of these highly technical imaging techniques in clinical trials. 

ExplORer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried discusses the evolving need for AI and AR technology in the healthcare industry as a whole and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the medical device industry.

FCB Health Network kicked off 2021 with prominent hires at several creative agencies. Additionally, in honor of World Cancer Day, the network announced “The Trial for #ClinicalEquality,” an initiative dedicated to achieving racial equity in clinical trials.

Dr. Christina Reimer was appointed chief medical officer at Stockholm-based Alligator Bioscience.

Biotechnology company Rinri Therapeutics made Dr. Terri Gaskell chief technology officer and a member of the executive team.

2019 was a good year for the pharma industry, even as questions on value kept coming; but 2020 brought a pandemic that raised an “all hands on deck” attitude as well as business challenges.

Scientists, researchers, health officials, regulatory agencies, governments, businesses, universities, and many others across the globe are searching for ways to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

The immediate response to the global COVID-19 pandemic was to quarantine the sick, create physical distance among the healthy, and triage thousands. But the road to limiting the disease also has led to business, personal, and economic devastation for millions.

While the healthcare industry looks for ways to combat COVID-19, the beat goes on for drug manufacturers to continue developing and seeking marketing approval for medicines to treat many diseases and conditions. Here is a look at some of the most notable U.S. new drug approvals from Jan. 1 through April 17, 2020.