Ogilvy Health’s Andrew Thorn, EVP, Head of Planning, looks toward what the post-pandemic world will look like.

Sapphire Biotech Chief Clinical Officer Douglas F. Lake, PhD, analyzes neutralizing antibodies in the framework of COVID-19 vaccines.

ExplORer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried discusses the evolving need for AI and AR technology in the healthcare industry as a whole and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the medical device industry.

PRECISIONvalue SVP Maureen Hennessey and PRECISIONeffect AVP Pam Caputo discuss
the flood of digital disinformation and how health care advocates, SDOH volunteers and professionals can help flatten the curve of what the World Health Organization has called an “infodemic.”

In order to support both quality care and healthy business performance, health systems must not only rise to the current challenge – but also implement recovery strategies which allow them to seamlessly adapt to dynamic conditions going forward – according to O’Mally Monahan, MPH, Sr. Director, Patient Assistance Services, McKesson RxO.

Patientco CEO Bird Blitch discusses pandemic topics including ways in which COVID-19 unveiled the inefficiencies and patient frustrations of the U.S. healthcare system and healthcare providers who were lagging in digital transformation efforts.

Mobiquity’s Steve LoSardo, VP, Healthcare Solutions, discusses the technology trends that will shape 2021.