Remember back in March and April and May of 2020, when people prefaced their plans for the future with, “When we get back to normal”? We never did, and we never will. The COVID experience has forever changed how all of us view the world, how we interact with each other … and, of course, how we interact with healthcare brands and what we expect from them. In seeking out insights from pharma’s wise heads for Med Ad News’ annual Agenda report, we tried to maneuver around COVID at least a little, to see what else was going on in the industry. But the plain fact is that we couldn’t, not really.

The pandemic touched every part of pharmaceutical marketing in 2020; its impact will continue to transform the industry in 2021 and for years to come.

Jose Ferreira – senior VP, product and innovation, at CMI Media – analyzes the convergence of responsibility, values and experience during 2021.

Agencies who can provide higher order “consulting” skills and serve as a strategic change partner (above and beyond pure campaign tactical execution) will be of great and timely value, according to Gregg Fisher, managing partner of The Stem.

Matthew Arnold, principal analyst at Decision Resources Group, discusses what the U.S. elections mean for patients, payers, providers and pharma.

ZS principal Pete Mehr identifies a few key changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what will and will not revert back to as they were after the pandemic.

Rob Steere, VP commercial strategy (CRM) for Veeva Systems, discusses ways to maximize HCP engagement in a post-COVID world.

David Laros, VP of digital strategy, analytics and insights for Beghou Consulting, looks at taking personalized marketing to the next level in 2021.

Med Ad News asked Agenda 2021 participants to write their own questions and answer them regarding what will have a major impact on pharma marketing during 2021.

2021’s crystal ball: Six AI predictions from Aktana management that will shape a new commercial model.