Ed Mitzen, founder of national full-service health and wellness marketing agency Fingerpaint, announced the publication of “More Than a Number: The Power of Empathy and Philanthropy in Driving Ad Agency Performance” with ForbesBooks, the exclusive book publishing imprint of Forbes Media.

Value has so many meanings, but unfortunately the term has become synonymous with cost in the media/political landscape. As agency partners, we can help redefine how our clients communicate value to all audiences: HCPs, patients, caregivers, payers, investors, media at large and even to employees.

Healthline.com, the flagship site of Healthline Media, passed WebMD.com as the number one ranked health information site in the United States with 72.9 million unique monthly visitors as measured by Comscore in January 2020.

Healthline Media’s popular health website Medical News Today jumped to #3 in the online health information category surpassing MayoClinic.org, according to Comscore’s July report.

Healthline Media appointed Steve Swasey as vice president of Communications and Laurie Dewan as vice president of Consumer Insights.

Stacey Deziel joined Solve(d), FCB Health Network’s data science, marketing analytics and media offering. Benjamin Assor joined Solve(d) as director, media activation.

Bankers are diagnosing another robust year for U.S. healthcare lending as the first two big loans of 2019 include the largest-ever tie-up in the pharmaceutical sector, and more are expected.

GlaxoSmithKline awarded the company’s $1.7 billion global media work to Publicis Media after a competitive review

The right balance of data and insights creates a more satisfying monthly campaign report.

Healthcare marketers have this grand vision of reaching the right patient/caregiver/healthcare professional (HCP) with the right message, at the right time, in the right context.