Heart devices that use software or wireless communications may be vulnerable to hacker attacks that could cause life-threatening malfunctions, U.S. cardiologists say.

Boston Scientific called a single pacemaker-related death for its S-ICD implant a “fluke” that was the result of radiation corruption that negatively impacted the device’s memory.

Medical device maker St. Jude Medical Inc. said it has notified doctors to stop implants of one of its cardiac pacemakers, citing reports of problems with electronic data reporting caused by a battery malfunction that could put patients at risk.

Medtronic Plc’s wireless pacemaker was approved in the United States on Wednesday, making it the first pacemaker that does not need wired leads to correct slow heart rate. The device named Micra pacemaker is delivered to the heart chambers through a patient’s arteries through a catheter, unlike traditional pacemakers that are implanted through an incision […]

A tiny pacemaker from Medtronic Plc that attaches to the heart without a traditional lead wire proved safe and effective in a late-stage trial that will be used to seek U.S. approval of the device, according to data presented at a medical meeting on Monday. The Micra pacemaker, which is delivered to the heart through […]