Combining medical information (MI) and pharmacovigilance (PV) has been shown to drive an array of positive outcomes, including accelerating adverse event intake, improving healthcare professional and patient communications, intelligently connecting enterprise systems and importantly, driving better patient safety. New innovations in connected technologies are finally making it possible to combine elements of these functions in a thoughtful way. However, the change from legacy processes and mindset will be significant and driving employee adoption to see the benefit of these investments will require careful change management. IQVIA’s Annette Williams and Libbie McKenzie explore considerations for leaders looking to combine aspects of their MI and PV functions and how they can effectively roll out this shift to maximize the benefits to their organizations along with patients, providers, and other key stakeholders.

Patient communications are no longer fit for purpose, and  although Covid has brought this to the fore, the problems will continue for a long time after the vaccine roll-out if they are not resolved.

Americans may have a false sense of security about the privacy and safety of their personal medical information.