Alien babies? Scary ingredients? Gen Z and Millennials are being inundated with misinformation around COVID vaccination. Klick Health and The Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (VCP) are trying to change that by reaching 18-30 year olds on a platform they use regularly: YouTube.

COVID-19 has forced the life science industry to embrace digital engagement with HCPs at scale. But, remote detailing is not going to be successful unless pharma can offer value, according to OKRA Technologies.

With a technology like VR, arguably even more so than in live settings, we can readily tap into multiple learning styles by integrating different types of media into a single experience.

Change is inevitable, and evolving and growing with it is the only way to move forward. That’s just a fact. Those in our industry who aren’t willing to embrace the constant changes we’re seeing in technology, trends, and now how we market health and wellness brands, are going to be left behind because journal ads, banner ads and TV commercials as exclusive mediums will likely not sufficiently reach a brand’s target audiences any longer.

One of the most critical questions marketers ask is, How are expectations changing? Those shifts in what earns time and attention have prompted us to evolve – even radically change – how we engage consumers. But what about physicians?