Record hospitalizations and a surging death toll failed to keep Americans from traveling a day before the Thanksgiving holiday, raising fears that the unchecked spread under way is a prelude to further contagion at Christmastime.

The HBA hosts the webinar Back to School 2020 – Pandemic Parenting for Working Parents.

Environmental factors appear to play a bigger role than genetics in shaping children’s risk for cavities, a study of Australian twins suggests.

A new wireless system for monitoring the vital signs of the most fragile newborns – those born prematurely or with debilitating diseases – could make it easier for parents to have skin to skin contact with their babies, a preliminary study suggests.

A new study suggests that how parents talk to children may matter just as much as how much time they spend talking.

Adults who were pressured by their parents to diet during adolescence may have a higher risk of obesity and eating disorders as adults than people who were not urged to lose weight as teens, a U.S. study suggests.