Idera Pharmaceuticals announced an immuno-oncology collaboration with AbbVie to evaluate a combination therapy aimed at stimulating the immune system to create an anti-tumor response.

For much of the company’s 141-year history, Japan’s Shionogi & Co. Ltd. has played safe when selling drugs in the United States and other overseas markets – relying on bigger partners to promote products and avoiding the cost of maintaining a large sales force.

Europe approved a fifth copy of AbbVie’s $18-billion-a-year biologic Humira – the world’s best-selling prescription medicine – ramping up competition among makers of less-expensive biotech drugs.

AstraZeneca’s new drugs performed strongly in second-quarter 2018, offering a glimpse of better times ahead as the company struggles with falling sales of the cholesterol fighter Crestor due to generic competition.

After years of intensive and expensive brand building, when a drug hits the patent wall, its equity evaporates overnight. Over the last few years, loss of exclusivity (LOE) has slashed the market share of the most well-known drugs in a matter of months.