Drugmakers’ response to the threat posed by “superbugs” remains patchy even after years of warnings, according to the first analysis of individual companies’ efforts to tackle the antibiotic resistance crisis.

AvidBiotics is splitting into two separate companies. AvidBiotics developed two separate but similar technology platforms, which will be the foundation for the two companies. Both companies’ technology utilize proteins that attack specific cells. One platform focuses on cancer cells while the other focuses on bacteria.

New antibiotics need to be developed urgently to combat 12 bacteria families, “priority pathogens” that are the greatest threats to human health, WHO says.

A sign explaining the parameters concerning the Zika virus and blood donations is seen at the American Red Cross Charles Drew Donation Center in Washington February 16, 2016. Reuters/Gary Cameron The U.S. government said on Monday it has agreed to help fund two pathogen reduction technologies to help reduce the risk of Zika virus and […]

KALAMAZOO, Mich., Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AureoGen Biosciences Inc. today announced a licensing agreement with Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, for the use of AureoGen’s proprietary chemistry and compounds for the development of medicines for infectious disease, including systemic fungal infections. Under the agreement, Merck receives exclusive rights to […]

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday it has named a new acting director of its select agent program following a string of lab incidents involving dangerous pathogens. The agency, which has pledged to overhaul its lab safety programs, said Dr. Robbin Weyant, who formerly led the agency’s select agent program, […]

People across the world are alarmingly confused about the role of antibiotics and the right way to take them, and this ignorance is fuelling the rise of drug-resistant superbugs, the World Health Organization said on Monday. “The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis,” WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told reporters in a telebriefing […]

Cempra Inc moved a step closer to approval of its lead antibiotic after the potential blockbuster was successful in a second late-stage trial in patients with a common bacterial infection. Data announced in January had showed that the oral version of the drug was successful in a separate late-stage study in patients with community-acquired bacterial […]

Prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS are all potentially lethal diseases that affect hundreds of thousands each year. But Sepsis, a deadly immune response triggered by infection, kills more people than all of them combined.  According to the National Institutes of Health, more than a million people suffer from sepsis each year in the United […]

Investigations into foodborne illness are being radically transformed by whole genome sequencing, which federal officials say is enabling them to identify the source of an outbreak far more quickly and prevent additional cases.   Previously, samples from sick patients were sent to state and federal labs, where disease detectives ran tests to see if the […]