Understand the meaning and implications of polypharmacy and the issues it causes for patient adherence; Discover policies, technologies and procedures that can eliminate or reduce the effects of polypharmacy ensuring quality outcomes; Highlight issues Pharmacist Partners, as an organization, has remedied and the technology they utilize to decrease overuse or underuse of medication

New research published by the CVS Health Research Institute showed a significant improvement in adherence to specialty medications for patients enrolled in a pilot study evaluating Specialty Connect, CVS Health’s specialty prescription services program. New patients enrolled in the pilot were 17.5 percent more likely to pick up their first refill and existing specialty patients […]

Academic and industry professionals offer insights into measurement methods, intervention targeting, adherence goals NORWALK, Conn., January 11, 2016 – In a newly released survey conducted by HealthPrize Technologies, an industry-leading medication adherence and digital patient engagement company, medication adherence experts across varied fields shared their views on advances in – and challenges of – current research. Specifically, what has moved the needle, what remains […]

Still no Rx for patient adherence Pharma limited in what it can do, but can still have a positive impact   Patient adherence remains a complex puzzle with no simple solutions, and no one stakeholder involved – physicians, insurers, or pharmaceutical companies – can provide all the answers needed. Even though the influence of pharma […]