This paper explains the challenges patients face in traditional trial settings as well as how Aparito overcomes these challenges; how remote video is able to capture real-world evidence (RWE) while improving the patient experience; and how Aparito provides more meaningful patient data while protecting patient privacy.

EVERSANA, a pioneer of next-generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry, and UpScriptHealth, a leading telehealth and virtual prescribing platform serving life sciences companies, announced a strategic partnership to create a direct-to-patient platform that will transform the patient experience to help accelerate access to therapies worldwide.

A panel of experts and leaders across healthcare, biopharma, and high tech will explore how to break down silos and think like a learning health ecosystem.


Life science companies gather and generate large amounts of data; however, this data often remains widely untouched, ungoverned, unstructured, and stored in disparate silos. In 2022 and beyond, life sciences organizations that uncover how to make use of their expansive data will be positioned to distinguish themselves competitively.

Cell and gene therapies (C&GTs) present opportunities to not only treat disease, but to restore function and improve disease management. Although the opportunities with C&GTs are continuing to expand, there is a widening gap between the potential of treatment advances and the patient experience. The industry is beginning to acknowledge the problems faced in one of healthcare’s most complex areas for patient experience, according to EmerGENE’s Nareda Mills (Global President Patient Solutions) and Ben Beckley (Global Lead).

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google/Alphabet are the first companies to reach market capitalization of over a trillion dollars, with no end in sight for continued exponential growth across the technology sector. At the core of their jaw-dropping success is a revolution in the customer experience, triggered by digital and empowered through data-driven personalization.

To mark World Pulmonary Hypertension Day, patient engagement agency COUCH Health launched a new disease awareness campaign to shine a spotlight on Pulmonary Hypertension and those affected by this often misdiagnosed condition.

Veeva Systems announced MyVeeva, a new application for clinical research sites.

FCB Health Network president and CEO Dana Maiman announced the launch of YuzuYello, the network’s specialized group dedicated to helping brands exceed their patients’ expectations and transforming patient experiences.

Brands and agencies are finding creative ways to explore the patient experience by placing viewers inside a hypothetical patient’s personal space.