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PhRMA Predicts Dire Consequences for Pharma Industry if Pelosi Plan Passes

PhRMA CEO Stephen Ubl said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan would be “devastating” to the industry.

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Trump administration to announce changes to anti-kickback rules for healthcare providers

The Trump administration will announce plans to change healthcare regulations to loosen anti-kickback provisions that restrict the kinds of outside services providers can refer patients to, administration officials said.

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One quarter of every U.S. healthcare dollar wasted

About a quarter of the dollars spent on healthcare in the United States may be wasted, a new analysis suggests.

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Kroger, Walgreens to stop sales of e-cigarettes amid U.S. vaping crackdown

Kroger Co. and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. will stop selling e-cigarettes at their stores, amid heightened regulatory scrutiny of the product and reports of lung disease and some deaths linked to vaping.

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Democratic Candidate Buttigieg Calls for Stiff Penalties on Drug Companies that Do Not Negotiate Drug Prices

The high costs of prescription drugs are a dominant theme in Washington and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is capitalizing on the outcry with his own plan to lower prices should he become president.

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Trump to unveil order aiming to boost Medicare health program, woo seniors

U.S. President Donald Trump will unveil an executive order aimed at strengthening Medicare for seniors, seeking to improve the health program’s fiscal position and offer more affordable plan options, administration officials said.

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House panel asks e-cig companies to cease advertising

A U.S. House panel sent letters to four e-cigarette companies asking them to stop all print, broadcast and digital advertising of their products in the United States.

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U.S. CDC says cases of vaping-related illness are on the rise

The number of Americans sickened by a severe vaping-related illness continues to increase, according to a U.S. health official speaking at a Congressional hearing.

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U.S. senators urge FDA to remove pod, cartridge-based e-cigarettes from market

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators urged federal regulators to immediately remove all pod and cartridge-based e-cigarettes from the market until the products can be proven to be safe.

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Trump signs order aimed at development of better flu vaccines

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at spurring the development of better vaccines to protect against seasonal influenza as well as a potential pandemic flu outbreak.

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