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1798, A Fingerpaint Company: 2021

In February 2020, 1798 celebrated the agency’s 10th anniversary with an event that commended the team’s accomplishments, celebrated clients, and kicked off a new era as a Fingerpaint company. Having attracted Fingerpaint’s attention as a managed markets agency with multiyear double-digit growth and a deep roster of top-tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, 1798 carried that success into 2020. The agency achieved revenue of $15.2 million – which management characterizes as “right on target for our first year post-acquisition.”


AbelsonTaylor: 2021

“When 2020 began we had a clear vision (pun intended) of our goals for growth and success. That vision did not include a catastrophic global pandemic and economic and political chaos with a side of self-isolation,” say leaders at Abelson Taylor. “Perhaps most applicable is the Yiddish proverb, ‘Mann traoch, Gott Lauch’ – ‘Man plans, God laughs.’ Yet, as AbelsonTaylor celebrates the 40th year of fierce independence, 2020 was one of our best years ever with 25 percent growth year over year.”  


Agency Habitat: 2021

“2020 created unique challenges for our industry, but 2021 is a time for new beginnings, opportunity and growth,” agency management says. “For GCG Marketing, that meant going through a rebrand after nearly 50 years in business. With a new building, an updated team structure and a refreshed perspective on the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, Agency Habitat was launched.”


AREA 23: 2021

“The Stranger It Gets, The Stronger We Get” – agency leaders say these words became AREA 23’s rallying cry. “In response to once-in-a-century circumstances, AREA 23’s people united to create an environment of empathy and caring, and delivered business results that were nothing short of shocking in the process,” agency executives say.


Ashfield Health: 2021

During January 2021, Ashfield Healthcare Communications relaunched as Ashfield Health and unveiled a global president, two international agencies, a network proposition, and a shared purpose to “Make it Matter.” “At the heart of Ashfield Health is our promise that from making discoveries to making a difference, we will take every opportunity to challenge convention and spark change for better health,” network executives say. 


Biolumina Group: 2021

Curiosity continued to be the driving force of yet another year of record growth for Biolumina and proved to be the key to thriving during a pandemic, according to management, adding that the agency had its strongest year ever in terms of new business wins, increased talent acquisition, internal promotions, and expanded offerings. 


The Bloc: 2021

For The Bloc, 2020 was the best of times, during the worst of times, according to agency leaders. “We were thrilled to pass the $50 million revenue mark for the first time during the year we celebrated our 20th anniversary,” The Bloc executives say. “We were honored and humbled to be recognized as a Med Ad News Agency of the Year, as a MM&M Agency of the Year, and received widespread industry acclaim for our creativity. And, while our success was sweet, our true inspiration came from our community of Bloc’ers who came together to weather the COVID-10 pandemic and the loss and disruption it brought to all of us.” 


The BlocPartners: 2021

2020 was a year of growth for The BlocPartners network as it grew in number of partner agencies, drove more network business to its agencies, and expanded network teams. “The circumstances were difficult, but the pandemic proved a point we have known since the very beginning 17 years ago; talent is not limited to geography, and through a nimble and adaptive business model, we can offer local solutions to global challenges,” management says. 


Brick City Greenhouse: 2021

“Brick City Greenhouse was founded on the idea of being a brand-first agency that empowers people to create the extraordinary on behalf of our clients,” management says. “Many of the agency’s employees came from large holding-company agencies and saw firsthand how bottom lines are a bigger driver of agency behavior than doing what’s right for brands. The agency’s leaders wanted to change this and create an agency model that was truly focused, not just in words but functionally, on bringing out the best in brands and the people that serve them.”


BullsEye Healthcare: 2021

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 changed the way business is done in both big and small ways, and it led to many of BullsEye’s clients rethinking the way in which they engage with customers, how extensive a bricks-and-mortar footprint they need, how many people are need to work onsite, how to market to professionals who now practice telemedicine on a regular basis – and who are no longer seeing sales representatives – among other adjustments.