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‘Back-and-forth’ conversations with young kids may aid brain development

A new study suggests that how parents talk to children may matter just as much as how much time they spend talking.

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Gemphire Plunges After Investigational Drug Worsens Liver Fat Levels in Pediatric NAFLD Trial Patients

Shares of Gemphire Therapeutics crashed 73 percent in premarket trading after the company revealed its mid-stage non-alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment for pediatric patients actually worsened the disease in some patients.

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Bexion Pharmaceuticals Early-Stage Cancer Drug Being Hailed as Game Changer

Bexion Pharmaceuticals and the drugmaker’s investigational cancer treatment BXQ-350 is receiving lots of mainstream media coverage as a potential game changer.

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Obesity, diabetes in pregnancy may raise kids’ risk of psychiatric disorders

Pregnant women who have both severe obesity and diabetes may be more likely to have children with autism, ADHD and other psychiatric disorders than mothers who do not have either condition during pregnancy, a new study suggests.

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Experts weigh pros and cons of low-calorie sweetened drinks

Low-calorie sweetened beverages such as diet sodas that use aspartame or stevia may be a good replacement for full-sugar sodas and fruit juices, but researchers are still unsure about their long-term health effects, according to a new American Heart Association Science Advisory.

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First Year After Launch Special Feature 2018: Don’t look back, someone might be gaining

The top performers of the launch class of 2016 have very little in common – aside from the fact that none of them came from a “classic” big pharma house.

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Bellerophon Late-Stage PAH Study Fails

Bellerophon Therapeutics’ Phase III pulmonary arterial hypertension drug INOpulse failed to meet endpoints following a pre-specified interim analysis from a Data Monitoring Committee.

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Spark’s Hemophilia A Gene Therapy Significantly Reduced Bleeding in Clinical Trial

An investigational gene therapy treatment for hemophilia A saw a 97 percent response rate after one treatment.

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Ovid’s Angelman Syndrome Therapy Hits Prespecified Endpoint Phase II Trial, Shares Drop Significantly

Ovid Therapeutics reported that the Phase II STARS trial of OV101 for Angelman Syndrome showed “robust and statistically significant improvement,” but the company’s stock plunged nearly 30 percent in premarket trading.

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Alzheon Researchers Identify Brain Molecule that Inhibits Formation of Alzheimer’s Proteins

Scientists with Framingham, Mass.-based Alzheon identified a substance in the human brain that inhibits the formation of beta-amyloid (Aβ), the primary driver of Alzheimer’s disease.

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