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Physical therapy often as good as surgery for one type of knee injury

For many people with a tear in the rubbery cartilage that cushions the knee, physical therapy may work just as well as surgery in terms of quieting pain and returning the joint’s function, a new study suggests.

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Eli Lilly’s diabetes treatment meets main goal in two late-stage studies

Eli Lilly and Co.’s experimental diabetes treatment Ultra Rapid Lispro was shown to be as effective as the drugmaker’s blockbuster Humalog medicine in two late-stage studies.

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Avrobio Plunges on Mixed Data from Fabry Disease Gene Therapy Trial

Shares of Cambridge, Mass.-based Avrobio plunged more than 50 percent after the company provided an updated look at a gene therapy for Fabry disease that showed promise for the treatment, but also raised some concern for investors.

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Rare manufacturing glitch raises concern over CAR-T therapies: study

A single leukemia cell inadvertently got mixed in with a batch of a patient’s immune cells that were being manufactured into a CAR-T cell therapy and it acquired resistance to the treatment with deadly results, University of Pennsylvania researchers reported.

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Roche to acquire immuno-oncology company Tusk Therapeutics

Switzerland’s Roche is buying UK-based Tusk Therapeutics in a deal that could hit EUR 655 million.

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Adults need a regular bedtime, too

Adults who have a regular bedtime are likely to weigh less than those who do not, to have lower blood sugar and to face a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to a U.S. study.

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Could Immunotherapy Replace Antiretrovirals in HIV Treatment?

An experimental HIV immunotherapy treatment is showing significant promise in clinical testing. A study shows the two-drug combination is capable of suppressing HIV for months at a time.

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Fund gives J&J, Oxford experts $19 million to fight deadly viruses

A global coalition set up to fight emerging epidemics will give $19 million to drugmaker Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine unit and Oxford University experts to work on immunizations against three major diseases.

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GSK vaccine success a milestone in TB, but room for improvement

An experimental GlaxoSmithKline vaccine could prevent tuberculosis developing in half of those who receive it, making the vaccine potentially the first new shot against the global killer in a century.

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Roche’s Tecentriq, trailing rival drugs, lifts lung cancer survival

A drug cocktail with Roche’s Tecentriq added two months to small-cell lung cancer patients’ lives, according to a study, aiding the Swiss group’s bid to win approval in a niche disease area before rivals that now dominate the immunotherapy market.

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