Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla raked in $24.3 million in total compensation in 2021. In other news, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in one or both ears) might be a side effect of COVID-19 vaccines.

Paying field sales representatives is harder than it sounds. Companies need to rigorously analyze data and thoughtfully develop payout structures that help sales reps maximize earning potential and sales results. If a company’s compensation plan fails to properly motivate or adequately reward sales reps, they may underperform or move to a competitor.

The Business Journals compiled a list of the 25 companies across the United States with the highest median salary for employees, and more than half were in the pharma or biotech industries.

Male physicians in the U.S. – across almost every specialty – took in more money from the biomedical industry in 2015 than their female peers, a new study suggests.

Shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals fell steadily over the course of the week after the company revealed the astronomical compensation Chief Executive Officer Joseph Papa earned over the past year – $62.7 million in combined salary, bonuses and stock options.

Paris-based Sanofi (SNY) reported meetings yesterday with French union officials, revealing some tricky obstacles ahead. Of the company’s 110,000 worldwide employees, about 27,000 are in France. Sanofi indicates it will […]

Nurse practitioners are seeing annual net incomes surpass $100,000 as their roles expand amid a doctor shortage, changing state regulations and the push toward team-based approaches to keeping patients healthy […]

Both primary care and specialty care physicians reported that their compensation increased slightly in 2013. Primary care physicians reported $232,989 in median compensation, and specialists reported $402,233 in median compensation, […]

June 11, 2015By Alex Keown, Breaking News Staff CHICAGO — Ever since the great recession of 2008, Americans have closely followed the compensation levels of top executives, including the […]