Pernix Therapeutics is undergoing a reorganization that includes the termination of a number of sales representatives.

A combination of regulatory conditions, shifts in physician workplace demographics, and an increased reliance of highly specialized sales personnel has steadily eroded the traditional sales reps’ responsibilities and ability to manage the HCP practice relationship as a true SPOC.

As part of a new sales team structure, Merck plans to cut 1,800 sales jobs. At the same time, the company expects to add 960 jobs to a new sales force focused on chronic care.

There are 3 key facts life sciences companies need to know about real-time or near real-time medical claims data to support timely business decision-making.

An ever-shifting sales landscape calls for a nimble, responsive sales approach – one often problematic for the behemoth infrastructures of many large pharmaceutical organizations and the experience level of emerging biotechnology firms. As a result, commercial services partners offer a stronger than ever value proposition to the industry.

Though the cost of CRM systems varies widely, life sciences companies in particular pay a high price for SaaS software subscription fees – often double or more than what other industries pay.

The Clinical Specialist Model and the Service Rep Model are considered two of the most successful innovative approaches in S&M for pharmaceutical companies.

At Intouch we hold a number of truths to be self-evident, but perhaps the most self-evident of the lot is this: that digital sales aids only work if sales reps actually use them. Seems pretty obvious, right? The trouble is, not everyone does use them.

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