Agenda 2024

By nearly unanimous consent artificial intelligence reached an inflection point for pharma marketers in 2023. The question of how best to take advantage of this new tool to support brands and help patients, though, remains to be seen.


Even as they are gathering proof of extensive benefits to patients, the manufacturers of GLP-1s will have to overcome supply chain difficulties and high prices to get payers to fund these medicines for treating obesity.

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Part I: From patient access issues to significant cost cutting to the Inflation Reduction Act, there are a host of challenges that the industry is up against in 2024. Our experts weigh in.

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Part II: Agencies are striving to make inclusion and representation a priority at their organizations as well as when working with clients.

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Part III: A look at how artificial intelligence is affecting innovation in marketing and promotion, and working with clients.

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Part IV: Leaders discuss how social media has changed messaging and engagement with patients and HCP, and the role of influencer marketing.

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Part V: Cost pressures, increasing value while improving health outcomes, and leveraging real-world evidence are top of mind.


Part VI: Leaders in healthcare marketing and communications share their thoughts on what excites them about the year ahead.

Ozempic, Novo Nordisk

For Novo Nordisk, Ozempic is the game changer that has propelled the company to new heights, but mastering the supplies of its semaglutide drugs, especially Wegovy, is the current challenge.

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Pharma companies are striving to convey the true impact of diseases on patients while continuing to empower them.