With $60 million in hand, Recludix Pharma launched with a mission to develop three SH2 domain inhibitor programs targeting STAT3, STAT6, and an undisclosed non-STAT target for cancer and inflammatory disease targets. 

Transatlantic life science venture company Epidarex Capital closed a new fund worth £102.1 million ($126.6 million).

U.K.-based Bit Bio, a spinout of Cambridge University and previously known as Elpis Biotechnology, secured $41.5 million in a Series A funding round that will be used to support the company’s goal to transition biology into engineering.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based BridgeBio Pharma is launching a new spinout to develop a recently abandoned Novartis cancer treatment now in its possession.

BioSpace (DHX) is pleased to present its NextGen Bio “Class of 2016.” This list contains 20 life science companies that launched no earlier than 2013 and are headquartered in the United States. Once BioSpace sorted the companies into that group, they were then weighted by a number of different categories and ranked in a cumulative […]

One U.S. biotech company is celebrating Independence Day weekend with a fresh $1 billion in cash from a corporate partner, which it was able to secure without giving up its corporate independence. For more, read on: Juno Secures $1B in Cancer Deal With Celgene Seattle-based Juno Therapeutics was the talk of the industry this week. […]

Baxalta Incorporated, a pharmaceutical spinout of Illinois-based Baxter International (BAX), finally launched with hopes of fielding 20 new products by 2020, the company announced this morning.   The new company, which trades under the BXLT ticker symbol, will focus on developing products for the hematology, oncology and immunology markets. The launch of Baxalta has been […]