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German scientists create see-through human organs

Researchers in Germany have created transparent human organs using a new technology that could pave the way to print three-dimensional body parts such as kidneys for transplants.

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Tel Aviv University Researchers 3D-Print Human Heart

There has been significant progress in so-called bioprinting – using a type of 3D printing to manufacture biological tissues. But an actual organ had not been accomplished – until now.

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Outcome Health Announces Partnership with American Liver Foundation to Promote Updated Screening Recommendations for Hepatitis C

Outcome Health announced a partnership with the American Liver Foundation to raise awareness of liver disease, specifically hepatitis C.

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AR/VR Special Feature 2018: The new (augmented) reality in life sciences

Augmented reality (AR) gained widespread attention the summer of 2016 with the addictive game Pokémon Go. But these days, AR is not just for fun. This disruptive technology is expected to drive significant changes to businesses across many industries because of its ability to combine the virtual and physical worlds.

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New Biotech Incubator Opened Up in the Big Apple – With Room for 25 Startups

Startup biotech companies have a new place to call home in downtown Manhattan thanks to Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

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Outcome Health and the American Heart Association Announce Patient Consultation Room Collaboration

In honor of American Heart Month, AHA and OH launch new initiative to improve heart health outcomes.

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Germany, U.S. in hot pursuit of ‘messenger’ drug molecules

A molecule that carries the recipe for making drugs inside body cells is exciting scientists and investors alike, attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in a scramble for the next promising area of biotechnology. German and U.S. firms are leading the way in synthetic messenger RNA, or mRNA technology, a new approach to tackling a […]

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In a first, drug using 3D printing technology gets FDA nod

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has, for the first time, approved a drug that uses 3D printing technology, paving the way for potential customization of drugs to suit patients’ needs. The drug, made by privately held Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Co, was approved for oral use as a prescription adjunctive therapy in the treatment of epilepsy, […]

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