Data and AI scientists must strive to eliminate bias from anything that touches patient care.

The head of the World Health Organization said on July 15 that investigations into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic in China were being hampered by the lack of raw data on the first days of spread there and urged the country to be more transparent.

Sinopharm announced that the Chinese biopharmaceutical company’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate had an efficacy rate of 79% based on interim analysis of Phase III trials.

A federal appeals court upheld a White House-backed rule to require hospitals to disclose the prices they negotiate with insurers for an array of common tests and procedures.

With impeachment behind us and the elections looming, both parties are focused on healthcare, the policy topic of greatest concern to voters. More specifically, they are focused on lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Hospital groups challenged the Trump administration’s rule that requires hospitals to be more transparent about prices they charge patients for healthcare services, according to a filed lawsuit.

U.S. President Donald Trump plans to issue an executive order asking health insurers and doctors to disclose new details about healthcare costs in an attempt to improve price transparency, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Thanks to a finalized rule requiring price disclosure in DTC advertisements (this is assuming that successful legal challenges do not emerge), what will the impact be and how can the requirement be accommodated while minimizing any confusion that may result?

TrialScope, the global leader in clinical trial transparency and compliance solutions, announced the launch of the company’s Clinical Trial Transparency Service (CTTS).

TrialAssure will partner with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization Inc. to implement its comprehensive transparency management system for all compounds in Otsuka’s drug development pipeline.