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Allogene, Stanford to Develop Better CAR-T Therapies

Allogene Therapeutics inked a research collaboration deal with Stanford University to work on a novel nucleic acid delivery system for CAR-T therapy.

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Winners of Healthline and NAMI Stronger Scholarship Chosen to Spotlight Mental Health

Healthline Media and the National Alliance on Mental Illness announced the winners of the Healthline Stronger Scholarship, which is awarded to four university students around the U.S. for their commitment to academic and professional pursuits in mental health.

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Scorpion Venom Could Provide Clue into Non-Opioid Treatments for Chronic Pain

With the opioid crisis gripping the United States, many doctors have been looking at alternate treatments to help patients with long-term chronic pain. A new study shows that the venom from a scorpion sting could provide a solution.

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CureVac and Yale Team Up for mRNA-Based Lung Therapies

Tubingen, Germany-based CureVac entered a collaboration research agreement with Yale University to focus on lung therapies.

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Only one in six U.S. universities are smoke-free

Researchers say universities across the United States have been slow to adopt anti-tobacco policies on campuses despite public health efforts to curb tobacco use, especially among teens and young adults.

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Three Senators Draft Bipartisan Resolution on CRISPR Gene Editing

Three U.S. senators introduced a resolution in support of a moratorium and other limits on gene editing embryos.

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Researchers Create “Embryoids” Using Stem Cells

There is a ban on conducting experiments on real human embryos after 14 days of growth, and researchers at Rockefeller University appear to have found a way to work around that ethical limitation.

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Only Half of Post-Marketing Commitments Get Published in Peer-Reviewed Jounals, Study Shows

Concern about clinical trial transparency, or more accurately the lack of transparency, is an ongoing problem. A new report shows that the lack of transparency also extends to post-marketing commitments that companies agreed to, following regulatory approval of a drug.

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GSK signs up gene-editing pioneers in drug discovery alliance

GlaxoSmithKline struck a research deal with the early pioneers of a prominent gene-editing technology at the University of California.

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The State of Open Monographs

Digital Science launched a report on the state of open access monographs. The report addresses the question of how the company integrates and values monographs in the increasingly open digital scholarly network.

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