Building on the success of its COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, Moderna, Inc. is partnering with the nonprofit scientific research organization IAVI to develop treatments and vaccines against global health threats.

Yvonne Bryson, M.D., an infectious disease researcher at UCLA, presented the case of an American woman who was cured of HIV after receiving a new transplant procedure that leverages donated umbilical cord blood.

Virologist Luc Montagnier passed away, French news agency AFP reported on February 10. Montagnier won a Nobel Prize for his part in discovering the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS,

Relying on the trickery used by the AIDS virus to infect people, doctors at two medical centers say they have cured 10 infants of so-called bubble boy disease, a genetic defect that leaves children (typically boys) without an immune system.

One of the many tricks the AIDS virus, HIV, uses to proliferate so aggressively is it hides from the body’s immune system. Until now, this has largely been a mystery. But researchers with the University Of Montreal, University of Melbourne and others have identified an important mechanism for how HIV plays this disappearing trick.