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Cello Health unifies health-focused businesses under one brand to provide clients with the benefits of a truly integrated approach. Operating within Cello Group plc, the newly formed Cello Health offers a unique mix of capabilities structured to help clients unlock the potential of their assets, brands, and organizations. According to Chairman Stephen Highley, the collaborative structure can help clients look at complex market challenges through multiple lenses, inform critical decisions with greater confidence, and deliver commercial and clinical success in today’s complex healthcare landscape. Cello Health has a growing base of clients in the healthcare sector, including nine of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies, as well as a number of small to midsize organizations that are serviced by a global team of approximately 300.

The Year’s Accomplishments

Cello Health businesses received recognition for their work last year. Highlights globally include the Rx Club Print Award of Excellence, Best OTC Marketing Campaign on a Big Budget, Best OTC Trade and Professional Advertisement, Best OTC Pharmacy Support Package, and Highly Commended for Best OTC Pharmacy Training.

Structure And Services

Cello Health is uniquely positioned to optimize the potential of molecular assets, demonstrate value, and bring brands to market. The group consists of three distinct capabilities: Cello Health Insight, providing global market research and customer insight and strategies for brands and portfolios; Cello Health Consulting, offering a range of strategic consultancy encompassing early product commercialization, brand and portfolio strategy, organizational excellence and business sciences; and Cello Health Communications, focused on evidence to engagement strategies and support across the pharmaceutical product and brand lifecycle.

Cello Health allows clients to harness a unique blend of expertise and depth and breadth of experience across insight, consulting, and communications to develop and deliver streamlined, integrated solutions in a unified way. “We customize dedicated teams from these capabilities as appropriate to support our clients throughout the development continuum, from early product commercialization, strategy and research to evidence generation, scientific communications, and patient engagement,” Highley says.

The Cello Health board comprises Highley; Jane Shirley, CEO, Cello Health Europe and Asia; and Julia Ralston, global head of Cello Health Communications.

Although clients can now benefit from a fully integrated Cello Health team approach where appropriate, each capability additionally continues to offer its full range of specialist services.

Cello Health Insight is a market research agency with bases in London, Switzerland, New York, and Chicago. Operating globally in more than 50 countries, including many emerging markets, Cello Health Insight offers a broad range of techniques, from straightforward qualitative and quantitative research through to more complex, multi-stranded approaches, in addition to a range of proprietary offerings that can be adapted and deployed to address critical business challenges. Cello Health Insight is based in London. Besides Shirley as CEO, the leadership team includes Nicola Cowland, Joint CEO, Cello Health Insight, London; and Kathryn Gallant in New York and Angie Wheeler in Chicago, CEOs of Cello Health Insight US.

“Cello Health Consulting is a team of highly seasoned strategists with extensive client-side industry experience who deliver insightful thinking, fresh perspective, and confident guidance to address the ambiguous and complex challenges our clients face today,” says Cello Health Consulting CEO Jon Bircher. Cello Health Consulting helps clients build brand and portfolio strategies, develop the right organizational footprint, and nurture marketing excellence. Supported by real world experience, Cello Health Consulting fuses SMART processes with exciting engagement scenarios to identify actionable solutions and a clear path forward. Cello Health Consulting is led by Bircher, CEO/director, organizational excellence. Bircher’s leadership team includes Steve Mather, operations director; Michael Craig, director, brand and portfolio strategy; Alex Blyth, director, business sciences; and Dan Heapy, client services director. Paul Stuart-Kregor, founding director and head of group business development, Europe, also supports the group. The U.S. team is being spearheaded by Mike Suesserman, managing director, early product commercialization, based in New York.

Cello Health Communications combines science, strategy and creativity to unlock evidence and drive differentiated engagement solutions for a diverse mix of clients in the biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic, OTC, nutraceutical, and well-being sectors. “We offer a range of scientific, medical, and healthcare communications services, including landscape analysis and assessment, strategic communications planning, audience identification and engagement, medical education programming, medical marketing, consumer health marketing, and training solutions for field sales and MSL programs,” according to Ralston.

Cello Health Communications teams “help clients build a foundational evidence base and translate that into outcome-focused behavior change,” Ralston comments. “The initiatives we develop help to define the strategic challenge, create differentiated positioning, optimize brand value propositions, and engage influencer audiences in a unique manner, challenging them to ‘do something different’. Our deep understanding of the scientific evidence behind molecules enables us to evaluate and apply core clinical data sets and other insights within a strategic framework to support and drive clinical and commercial success.”

Ralston’s U.S.-based leadership team includes Roger Viola, managing director of Cello Health Engagement; Kathleen McConnell, managing director of SciFluent; John Howley, managing director of MedErgy; and Suzann Schiller, executive VP, strategic collaborations.

Future Plans

Cello Health’s goal for 2014 “is to continue to build collaborative, integrated solutions that optimize our service offerings for clients while maintaining ‘best in class’ excellence within each of our capabilities,” Highley says. “We are actively expanding our global footprint, building teams at the local, regional, and global level to ensure the highest level of support whenever and wherever our clients need us. We continue to evaluate acquisitions that will add even more depth to our service offerings and enhance our value to our client partners.”


Cello Health team members collaborate on a variety of charitable programs at the local level to give back to their communities. Last year, U.S. colleagues raised funds for a local housing group and donated nearly 300 pounds of non-perishable food to a local pantry. In addition, the team donated bike helmets and locks to equip local students whose families face economic challenges, contributing as well to sustaining a clean environment.

Cello Group’s global corporate social responsibility program, Talking Taboos, expresses the essence of its guiding principles – discovery, delivery, and the commitment of its people to put something back into the community that sustains it. Leveraging the organization’s expertise in research, insight generation and communications, Talking Taboos is a global campaign platform that delivers consumer-focused programming to tackle some of the unspoken health taboos that plague society today.

Cello Health is additionally an active contributor to the Kevin Steeds Lymphoma Fund. That fund was created in memory of the group’s co-founder to ensure that others can benefit from innovations in medical treatments for lymphoma.