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Services mix
HCP 70%
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Client roster
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Medicines 360


2018 was the year that the new Centron vision became a reality, according to agency leaders. “In September 2017, we repositioned the agency and put a unique offering into market. This past year has been all about living our vision,” says Celine Vita, President. “From talent development to client portfolio to workflow and even our new office space: Every aspect of our agency has been transformed to deliver on our core promise of ‘simply thrive.’”
Centron leadership says this proposition resonates with clients who are seeking a different experience from their agency. “Clients are dealing with complexity on every front and want a partnership that brings clarity of perspective,” says Meredith Pugh, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer. “We put strategy at the center of everything we do to cut through complexity and define a simple path forward. We’re always asking: What’s actually going to have impact? What can be left behind? This is a refreshing perspective for our clients. For us, it’s never about volume and always about doing the right thing.”

Recent accomplishments

We had a great deal of momentum going into 2018, and this allowed us to consider every opportunity and align our client portfolio with our agency vision and offering,” Vita says. “Today, we thrive on partnerships with like-minded clients who are seeking an extension of their brand team.”
Throughout a year that exceeded expectations on every metric – the agency achieved more than 40 percent revenue growth – Centron remained committed to putting talent and current clients first. “For us, the ultimate measure of success is not pace of growth but the experience we are creating for both our talent and our clients,” Pugh says. “This means that timing is an important consideration for every new business opportunity.”
A thoughtful approach to business development has proven highly successful for the agency, strengthening relationships with key existing clients including Tesaro and BMS, while yielding an impressive pitch win rate and the successful onboarding of new AOR clients such as Karyopharm and Enzyvant.
For Centron, 2018 was also a year of creative transformation. “We are shaping an agency – across departments – that believes in the power of simple and insight-driven ideas,” says Carolyn O’Neill, Chief Creative Officer.
According to O’Neill, who served on the executive jury at Lions Health in 2018, “Elaborate execution and the latest technology are not enough. If an idea doesn’t have a singular message that authentically connects with the customer, it’s just not going to have impact.” O’Neill cites the “Cancer’s Greatest Heist” campaign for Karyopharm as an example of how simplicity is fueling creativity at the agency.


Previously composed of four distinct divisions – advertising, medical education, access, and public relations – Centron relaunched with a streamlined focus on promotional healthcare communications for specialty brands, especially those in rare disease and oncology. Agency leaders say Centron today focuses on what brands need to thrive: centralized strategic services (comprising medical, digital, analytics, planning, media, and payer); creative branding, ideation, and campaign development; omnichannel planning and end-to-end execution; physician- and consumer-directed content development; and cross-agency integration.
As part of its core philosophy, Centron aspires to be an open destination for collaboration. “Any lead agency of record should foster seamless integration across their clients’ business,” Vita says. “For us, open destination also means cultivating relationships with specialized partners that offer unique expertise, innovative solutions, or client efficiencies. We believe collaboration is essential for a thriving independent agency.” In 2018, this philosophy led Centron to formalize relationships with key technology, development, and media partners.
The Centron belief in simplicity also extends to agency titles and structures, giving every individual room to stretch while minimizing redundancy and inefficiency. In 2018, the agency continued to encourage “poly” hiring and talent development, building the agency with multi-talented individuals who have the agility, expertise, and confidence to step to stretch beyond their discipline. “We have designers who can code, medical directors who love to write, account executives who have a passion for graphic design,” O’Neill says. “This not only fosters a consistently positive client engagement but a culture of creativity and collaboration across the agency.”


With another “sweet spot” new business win kicking off 2019, agency leadership says their priority focus is on talent development. “We are proud to attract people who believe in the Centron vision and are excited by the opportunity to stretch and take on new experiences,” Vita says. “With a high-performance culture, we will continue to prioritize the growth of our current and future talent.” Additionally, leadership says they will continue to cultivate the agency’s “open destination” philosophy, expanding partnerships and offerings for current clients.
According to O’Neill, “We have the right combination of talent, passion, and brave clients who believe in creativity. This has yielded exceptional work that is just starting to come to market. In 2019, the industry will see the full creative force of Centron.”


Centron kicked off 2018 with the culmination of its #holidayhighestgood campaign, in which it challenged followers to find and post a peak from the Centron logo (^). For every post, Centron promised a $25 donation to CHOP. “HealthSTAR, our independent parent network, has a long-standing commitment to supporting CHOP, and through this campaign, we were proud to make a sizable contribution to their annual donation,” Vita says.
Ultimately, a deep sense of purpose fuels the agency every day, Centron executives say. “We are fortunate to partner with some of the most transformative brands in medicine. We are an agency of individuals who believe our work makes a difference for families and communities living with a rare disease, cancer, or other life-altering condition. For us, this is the ultimate ‘highest good.’”