Chronic Pain and Opioids – Treatment and Alternatives

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The opioid epidemic is an ongoing issue society is faced with. Opioids are prescribed to treat chronic pain, which often times leads to dependency, making it a double edged sword.

O.C Suboxone understands the severity of opioid use disorder and is working to raise awareness on healthier alternatives to treat chronic pain. O.C. Suboxone hse a resource page that explains chronic pain, risk factors of opioids use, and different alternatives to opioids, which can be seen here:


Being among the principal suboxone treatment providers in all of Southern California, OC Suboxone in Orange County provides each patient with a professional and confidential evaluation based on each patient’s unique situation. Our expert-level staff members use their experience to successfully help people from any background escape the grasp and recovery from harmful addictions.


Suboxone is a prescription medication growing in popularity because of the proven results showing that much-needed relief is provided to individuals undergoing treatment for opioid addiction.

Suboxone doctors can administer the medication to their patients at nearly any stage of their treatment plan. These methods have resulted in successful long-term solutions for countless people and helped them develop new skills and a strategy to manage their addiction to opioids.

When a doctor or other licensed medical professional prescribes suboxone to be included in a patient’s comprehensive treatment plan, the purpose of the medication is to target the opioid symptoms and side-effects that are causing discomfort. A couple of the more common side-effects seen with those struggling from opioid addiction have a good chance of seeing decreases of those symptoms with the proper use of suboxone.