CMI Media Group Launches Ecommerce Practice for Pharma and Healthcare Clients

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CMI Media Group

CMI Media Group launches ecommerce practice for pharma and healthcare clients

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 10, 2022 – CMI Media Group, a WPP company (NYSE: WPP) continues to evolve its solution suite to address the ever-shifting healthcare consumption habits and needs of consumers, patients and HCPs, through the launching of a healthcare focused ecommerce practice. The ecommerce offering will keep CMI Media Group on the cutting edge of direct-to-consumer marketing, connecting life sciences, medtech and healthcare clients to audiences ready to buy. The company has established branding partnerships with Ecommerce leaders including Amazon, Target, Walmart and other industry leaders.

CMI Media Group is continually evolving their consumer capabilities in the ever-changing world of health and wellness products. As consumers increasingly turn to DTC resources for their health needs, CMI Media Group is uniquely positioned to navigate their clients to meet their audiences where they are.  Through direct partnerships with online e-retail giants combined with over thirty years of experience in consumer behavior, demographic data, psychographic data, and core shopping analytics, CMI Media Group is able to leverage learnings to deliver increased brand awareness and higher ROIs.

“Ecommerce is a critical piece of the omnichannel journey for brands that can play in that space.  Being able to incorporate audience insights from start to finish – from the consumer’s first research into a product all the way through the conversion – will result in efficiencies that can be leveraged across multiple digital channels,” said Andrew Miller, EVP, Digital Activation. “Now, with our Ecommerce capabilities, we are able to provide end to end strategy for our clients.”

Jacob Harrison, CMI Media Group

Jacob Harrison, director of ecommerce investment strategy, CMI Media Group

The Ecommerce capability will be led by Jacob Harrison as Director of Ecommerce Investment Strategy. Certified in AMS, as well as certifications in Google Shopping, Display, and Search, Harrison has a history of transforming brick and mortar retailers into digital shopping experiences through innovative marketing, strategic partnerships with leading technology, and by remaining at the forefront of testing opportunities with key partners. At CMI Media Group, Harrison plans to utilize his experience to deliver a new marketing landscape for clients to get Rx and OTC products in the hands of patients and consumers.

“The Ecommerce landscape has seen major shifts over the last few years between a global pandemic and changing consumer behavior due to rising inflation. I am excited to join an organization that has remained on the cutting edge of these changes and been able to drive results with leading innovation and technology,” said Harrison. “My goal is to help clients diversify their shopping channels, expand their reach, and implement strategic initiatives online leading to increased shopping opportunity, brand loyalty, and a strong customer lifetime value.”

CMI Media Group is WPP’s leading healthcare media specialist. The company has brought many firsts to healthcare marketing as the premier healthcare-focused media buying and planning resource to the world’s game changers in pharma and life sciences.

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CMI Media Group, a WPP company (NYSE: WPP,, is a full-service media agency focused solely on health, wellness, and pharmaceutical marketing. CMI Media Group’s core offerings include Audience Strategy, Planning, Development, and Insights; Data and Analytics; Buying and Investment; and Direct Response and Customer Experience. As the leading media resource for the world’s top healthcare companies, CMI Media Group brings together leading technology, data, and talent to deliver seamless capabilities for clients.  CMI Media Group has been recognized as a leader in DE&I, talent retention and employee development as well as one of the industry’s best places to work. To apply for a position within our teams visit