Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Testing your CX

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Want to measure your CX IQ? Answer these questions.

• Are your customers satisfied, or are they loyal?
• Who “owns” customer experience within your organization?
• What expectations are your promotional efforts setting, and is your customer experience meeting those expectations, or falling short at key moments?
• What percentage of your resources are committed to acquisition – getting that first script – compared to the resources committed to CX that builds loyalty and advocacy?
• Are your customer journey maps “inside-out” maps that center focus on the brand and how and when YOU want to engage with your customers OR “outside-in” maps that focus on identifying the points of greatest friction for your customer?
• Can everyone within your organization articulate the key characteristics of your defined customer experience?
• Do silos exist within your organization that don’t allow for a seamless and consistent customer experience?
• How regularly do you talk to your customers about their experience with your brand?
• How are you using the data you collect about customers to optimize their experience?
• What are the top five challenges your customers have when considering their needs?
• How are you currently measuring customer experience?