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According to its leaders, ContextMedia:Health is the leading provider of health information services at the point of care in the United States. Executives say the company impacts 377 million visits a year across 25,000 physician practices, and partners with 76 leading digital content publishers to deliver curated patient education to waiting rooms and exam rooms across the country. “ContextMedia:Health has been educating patients at the point of care since 2006, and partners with over 150 brands across the top global pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to deliver custom marketing solutions across its digital networks,” executives say.


The year’s accomplishments

2015 was a landmark year for ContextMedia:Health, executives say, as the firm won numerous industry and creative awards The agency was named to Deloitte’s 500 Fastest Growing Tech Companies, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Cultures, Forbes Most Promising Companies in America and won a Chicago Innovation Award for its work on the ContextMedia:Health Exam Room Tablet.

The past year also marked the addition of three new products to ContextMedia:Health’s suite of point-of-care platforms – Patient Mobile Connect, the Infusion Room Tablet and the Digital Exam Room Wallboard – that guarantee patients access to relevant health information during the resolution moments of their treatment.

According to agency leaders, ContextMedia:Health’s Digital Exam Room Wallboard offers a first-of-its-kind engagement platform that physicians can use to educate their patients. The wallboard features a physician mode, which offers touchscreen 3D diagrams of all the systems of the body that physicians can utilize and annotate during consultation for better information retention. For brands, this platform delivers high-impact messaging to patients on the same platform that physicians use to communicate important patient information. “The Digital Wallboard gives brands the capability to create interactive brand brochures with email capabilities, interactive banner advertisements, and the opportunity to repurpose existing advertisements on a digital platform,” executives say.

ContextMedia:Health’s Mobile Patient Connect gives patients complimentary access to WiFi, while offering brands the first opportunity to deliver targeted messaging on the patient’s mobile device at point-of-care, according to executives. “When patients connect to WiFi, they first view rich brand messaging to 100 percent completion,” executives say. “This technology enhances the opportunity to engage with a highly-qualified, target audience, and offers patients full access to branded websites in the moments before they speak with their physician, on their own mobile device.”

ContextMedia:Health’s Infusion Room Tablet is the first patient education platform launched within oncology, executives say. “It’s a custom solution designed end-to-end with empathy for the patient experience in the infusion room,” they say. “The Infusion Room Tablet delivers messaging to the patient, and supplies them with access to informational resources, entertainment, and an online communities, to provide patients with the support needed to make their experience in the infusion room easier.”


Structure and services

Most recently, ContextMedia:Health began offering to its life science partners the New Patient Start Program, a new, risk-free model to drive patient starts throughout its network of over 25,000 hospitals and health systems, executives say.

“Historically, life science marketers have purchased point-of-care solutions by evaluating cost per office, cost per device, or cost of impression,” executives say. “Alternatively, some brands purchase on a “proxy” conversion basis focused on conversations or leads. These tactics are modeled after traditional media purchasing in other DTC channels such as print, TV and OOH. ContextMedia:Health is seeing rapid adoption of the New Patient Start Program, as it provides superior efficiency, efficacy and transparency compared to traditional point-of-care approaches.”

According to agency leaders, the New Patient Start Program is the first to guarantee brand impact at scale by offering the ability to purchase measured and validated marketing outcomes. “With distribution in 25,000+ health systems and hospitals across the country, ContextMedia:Health allows pharmaceutical and medical device brands to hit goals by providing a direct lever to drive new patient starts and manage ongoing adherence and compliance,” executives say.

Over the past 10 years, ContextMedia:Health has aggregated conversion rates by brand and category for hundreds of Rx-treatments, agency leaders say. When launching a New Patient Start Program, brands work with ContextMedia:Health’s analytics team to model a program’s conversion rate in offices where new patient starts can be driven. In collaboration with their internal analytics teams, brands can then purchase new patient starts at a favorable ROI, and track progress through ContextMedia:Health’s real-time analytics via IMS Health.

“ContextMedia:Health is excited to launch the New Patient Start Program, because it fundamentally changes life science marketing at the point of care,” says Ashik Desai, executive VP of business growth and analytics at ContextMedia:Health. “The New Patient Start Program launches at a time when the growth of the point-of-care media space is explosive. Today, as a result of this growth, life science marketers have the opportunity to target messaging on our platforms at a scale that is comparable to television, and New Patient Start offers them a no risk way to gain access to this scale. ContextMedia:Health is excited to move to this model, while continuing to drive the patient engagement metrics and health outcomes that we have championed for years.“

These innovative products are additions to ContextMedia’s existing suite, which includes the Waiting Room Screen and the Digital Exam Room Tablet. For pharmaceutical marketers, ContextMedia:Health’s comprehensive suite ensures the delivery of relevant, actionable messaging at all points during the patient journey, and at scale, executives say.

In addition to its marketing partnerships with more than 150 brands across all of the top global pharmaceutical firms, ContextMedia offers unprecedented quality of interactive content at the point of care, executives say. Recent notable additions to its portfolio of content partners include US Oncology and the Mayo Clinic.


Future plans

In order to support these initiatives and rapid industry growth, ContextMedia:Health has committed to invest $100 million – more than has been invested in the entire industry over the past five years – in real time data and the ongoing development of new and existing products. The agency has moved production of its products to China, and is now building custom hardware in order to best deliver on the explosive demand and specific objectives of partner brands and health systems, executives say. As a result of these investments, ContextMedia:Health will have 100,000 devices in the field by the end of the third quarter of 2016, executives say.

After starting 2016 with 300 employees, ContextMedia:Health will end the year with more than 550 employees between its Chicago and New York offices, executives say. In support of its growing partnerships in the life sciences, ContextMedia:Health recently tripled the size of its New York office to accommodate the increasing size of its marketing, analytics and business development teams. In the past year, ContextMedia:Health has added Pat Flavin, of MediChem Life Sciences and Advance Life Sciences, Lori Flynn, former senior VP at EverydayHealth, and Loretta Lurie, former senior VP and managing director at PHD, among others.