The point of care health information services company ContextMedia:Health has announced the launch of its New Patient Start (NPS) Program, a new model that aims to change the way point-of-care programs are purchased and evaluated by pharmaceutical companies. ContextMedia:Health’s New Patient Start Program, company executives say, offers the ability for its brand partners to purchase marketing outcomes at no risk, and at a favorable ROI.

According to company leaders, ContextMedia:Health is seeing rapid adoption of this model by new and existing customers, as it provides superior efficiency, efficacy, and transparency compared to traditional point-of-care approaches. Historically, life science marketers have purchased point-of-care solutions by evaluating cost per office, cost per device, or cost of impression. Alternatively, some brands purchase on a proxy conversion basis that is focused on leads. These tactics are modeled after traditional media purchasing in other DTC channels such as print, TV, and OOH.

ContextMedia:Health’s New Patient Start Program instead allows pharmaceutical and medical device brands to hit goals by providing a direct lever to drive new patient starts and manage ongoing adherence and compliance. With distribution in more than 25,000 health systems and hospitals across the country, ContextMedia:Health challenges traditional models in order to guarantee brand impact at scale by offering the ability to purchase measured and validated marketing outcomes.

Over the past 10 years, ContextMedia:Health has aggregated conversion rates by brand and category for hundreds of prescription brands. When launching a New Patient Start Program, brands work with ContextMedia:Health’s analytics team to model a program’s conversion rate in offices where new patient starts can be driven. In collaboration with their internal analytics teams, brands can then purchase new patient starts at a favorable ROI, and track progress through ContextMedia:Health’s real-time analytics.

Across its four digital platforms in mobile, digital display, and interactive, ContextMedia:Health impacts providers and patients by driving more robust dialogue through its actionable content. These platforms span the waiting room, exam room and consultation, and in coordination, drive these guaranteed outcomes.

“ContextMedia:Health’s New Patient Start Program fundamentally changes life science marketing at the point of care,” says Ashik Desai, the company’s executive VP of business growth and analytics. “The New Patient Start Program launches at a time when the growth of the point-of-care media space is explosive. Today, as a result of this growth, life science marketers have the opportunity to target messaging on our platforms at a scale that is comparable to television, and the New Patient Start Program offers them a no-risk way to gain access to this scale. ContextMedia:Health is excited to move to this model, which further improves the health outcomes that we have championed for years. The program has been created with the patient’s experience in mind and we are confident in its ability to lift patient engagement.”

In order to support these initiatives and rapid industry growth, ContextMedia:Health has committed to invest $100 million – more than what has been invested in the entire industry over the past five years, according to company leaders – in real time data and the ongoing development of new and existing products. The company has moved production of its products to China, and is now building custom hardware in order to best deliver on the demand and objectives of partner brands and health systems.