CrowdPharm, Asia Pacific

CrowdPharm expands into Asia Pacific, appoints Heng Aw as regional director

KANSAS CITY, MO—April 26, 2023—CrowdPharm, an independent full-service agency with healthcare’s largest network of global talent, announced today a strategic alliance that expands the agency’s global presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The alliance with WeTheBrand allows both companies to continue their successful business relationship under the new brand identity CrowdPharm Asia Pacific. They will work in concert to increase marketing and advertising value for their customers and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

“We’ve been working with Sang Truong, Founder of WeTheBrand, for more than a year now and have successfully integrated their resources in Vietnam into our client workflow,” says Kaley Wagner, Managing Director, Client Operations. “When we end our day here in the United States, our work is handed to them­ so they can continue on while we’re sleeping.”

CrowdPharm is pleased to welcome Heng Aw to the team. Aw joins as the Regional Director for CrowdPharm Asia Pacific. “He is currently working with our Asia-Pacific resources and will oversee operations and manage the agency’s work through WeTheBrand,” says Steve Bernstein, Partner. Aw will also drive business development and talent recruitment to continue to grow the team. With extensive experience in branding, marketing, advertising and agency business, he has established a successful track record for managing and growing brands and companies, and hands-on experience sitting at both sides of the client-agency table.

CrowdPharm, Asia Pacific

(left to right) Heng Aw, Regional Director, CrowdPharm Asia Pacific; Mike Myers, Managing Director and Partner, CrowdPharm; Sang Truong, Founder, WeTheBrand; Steve Bernstein, Partner, CrowdPharm; Kaley Wagner, Managing Director, Client Operations

Over the past year, CrowdPharm has fielded new business requests from clients planning future work in Asia-Pacific countries. “It was critical that the agency ensured access to this market’s creative and strategy expertise to help our clients succeed,” says Mike Myers, Managing Director and Partner. “Formalizing this partnership allows us to deliver in big ways in this region. We have clients gearing up to launch products in various global markets, including Japan, China, and Asia Pacific. CrowdPharm Asia Pacific establishes our ability to serve them effectively, and Heng will ensure local region connectivity and support.”

CrowdPharm offers something no one else in healthcare marketing has provided to clients and brands before—real-time access to the best minds around the world. With highly experienced teams across 120+ countries all working together in CrowdPharm’s network, the agency achieves time and cost efficiencies for clients. A proprietary application allows the agency to engage quickly with 6,800+ vetted and on-demand healthcare experts in their network. With global talent in every therapeutic area, the agency’s expertise runs deep.

About Heng Aw, regional director

Heng Aw, CrowdPharm

Heng Aw, Regional Director, CrowdPharm Asia Pacific

Aw has gained deep insights into Asian consumers at Survey Research Singapore (now Nielsen Singapore), where he headed the Omnibus and Syndicated Studies Department conducting big-scale annual industry tracking studies for categories like automobiles, electrical appliances, skincare, haircare, tourism, beer, and spirits. This was augmented by his time as General Manager at a local independent full-service advertising agency. He also co-founded an interactive multimedia agency during the dotcom days working with global brands like Fuji Films, Hyundai, Red Bull, and Toys-R-Us.

As head of the marketing team in Asia Dairies (now F&N Foods), Singapore’s largest dairy company, he managed marketing of their market-leading brands like Magnolia, Meadow Gold, and Fruit Tree.

Aw’s experience is not restricted to the Singapore market. Since 1996, he has worked with companies and communications agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, including the consumer products division of Novartis, and as the Regional Executive Director of Worldwide Partners, a global network of independent marketing agencies with members in 60+ countries. He recruited and worked with healthcare agencies in Asia-Pacific markets as members of the Healthcare Sub-Network. He was also the lead for the Asia-Pacific business expansion of an ad-tech company, providing location audience measurement services by managing relationships with and driving revenue from advertisers and media agencies.

About WeTheBrand

WeTheBrand is a creative and marketing agency established in Vietnam. They are a creative resource hub working with local and global brands on a variety of branding and digital marketing campaigns and promotional materials.

About CrowdPharm

CrowdPharm is an independent full-service agency led by industry veterans and fueled by the largest network of global talent anywhere. Innovative technology enables the agency to deliver an abundance of original strategic and creative solutions and provide a flexible talent force with experience that spans startups, orphan products, blockbusters, and primary care. With 6,800+ members across 120+ countries, the agency is ready to develop compelling brand communications in healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical marketing for pharmaceutical and biopharma companies. 

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